What type of popcorn do you use?

We use big popping hybrid popcorn grown right here in Indiana. The expansion rate of our popcorn can be around 25 or 30 to 1.  Mushroom Style is used for our Candied Flavors.  It pops into nice round balls that work great for candy coating.  Butterfly or Snowflake popcorn is used for our Savory Flavors.  This is the type of popcorn you eat at the movies.  It’s a large popping tender kernel.

What type of oil is used for Cheese Corn and Savory Flavors?

We use 100% Coconut Oil for our Cheese Corn and Savory Flavors.

I have food allergies….Can you tell me what is in each flavor?

Most flavors will have a complete list of ingredients. For more questions or concerns, call or email us.

Will you make custom batches with nuts/chocolate/fruit?

Yes, call our store or email us for a custom quote.

How does your fundraiser program work?

You can learn more about our fundraiser program here.