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(1) What type of popcorn do you use?
(2) What type of oil is used for Cheese Corn and Savory Flavors?
(3) I have food allergies....Can you tell me what is in each flavor?
(4) Will you make custom batches with nuts/chocolate/fruit?
(5) How does your fundraiser program work?

(1) What type of popcorn do you use?
  Answer - We use big popping hybrid popcorn grown right here in Indiana. The expansion rate of our popcorn can be around 25 or 30 to 1.  Mushroom Style is used for our Candied Flavors.  It pops into nice round balls that work great for candy coating.  Butterfly or Snowflake popcorn is used for our Savory Flavors.  This is the type of popcorn you eat at the movies.  It's a large popping tender kernel.

(2) What type of oil is used for Cheese Corn and Savory Flavors?
  Answer - We use 100% Coconut Oil for our Cheese Corn and Savory Flavors.

(3) I have food allergies....Can you tell me what is in each flavor?
  Answer - Most flavors will have a complete list of ingredients. For more questions or concerns, call or email us.

(4) Will you make custom batches with nuts/chocolate/fruit?
  Answer - Yes, call our store or email us for a custom quote.

(5) How does your fundraiser program work?
  Answer -

 Pop Around the Clock Fundraisers


Our fundraiser program has been evolving over the last two years, and after working with many groups who have had great success, we have put together this packet of information to help you plan a successful fundraiser for your group. The following guidelines are what we have found to work best when planning a popcorn fundraiser.
How it works...
We will provide your group with a custom made fundraiser pre-sell sheet along with a spreadsheet to track all sales and money collected. This pre-sell sheet contains our most popular flavors and combinations to ensure your fundraiser's success.
Our popcorn fundraiser is a pre-sell fundraiser, so you will collect your money along with your orders.
Upon completion of your fundraiser, you will total all sell sheets and forward your totals along with payment to Pop Around the Clock, where we will proceed to fill and package your order as quickly as possible.

The 64 oz containers with regular flavors are sold for $8.00, with a cost of $5.00. A profit of $3.00 on every sale for you.
The 64 oz containers with deluxe flavors are sold for $14.00 with a cost of $8.50 and a profit of $5.50 for you.
 The 64 oz. Combo Packs are sold for $20.00 with a cost of $12.00 and a profit of $8.00 for you.

Bonus Offer: At this time we are currently offering a bonus offer. Every fundraiser tub sold will be eligible to receive a free Medium size of the same flavor when returned to our retail store at 1725 Hart Street in Vincennes. All your customer needs to do is simply return their fundraiser tub to the store and pick up their free popcorn. This offer has proven to be a big hit with everyone, as it gives them a chance to stop in for more free popcorn. The Combo packs will also receive a free medium size deluxe flavor popcorn only and does not included free nuts or pretzels.
When you have settled on a date to start your fundraiser, please call Chris at 812.890.3532 so we can see if the dates you have chosen will work into our calendar. Please have a start date, completion date, and a turn-in date with the
turn in date being the date you will turn in and pay for your order. We try not to let the dates of larger fundraiser groups overlap too much, so that we can fill your orders as quickly as possible. Let us know as soon as you can, as the dates fill up quickly.
We do not do fundraisers between Nov. 1st and Dec 25th. October fundraisers need to be completed and turned in by Nov. 1st. If a group would like to sell over the holidays, with a turn in date sometime after the first of the year, then that can be worked out.
A couple of important notes....
The best part about doing a Pop Around the Clock fundraiser is the fact that your popcorn will be the freshest popcorn you will ever sell for a fundraiser. We do not make and package any of your popcorn until after you have completed your sale and turned your order in. Your customers are our customers and it is very important to us that they receive the highest quality product that we can provide them. Therefore, it would be helpful, if you are a large group, to think about areas where you could store your popcorn and sort out all orders. In the summer months, the heat and humidity are popcorn's two worst enemies and it would be nice to be able to store and sort your popcorn in a climate controlled building or room.
Your start and finish dates...
When we set the dates for your fundraiser, we will need you to abide by them. We are unable to start your order until it is turned in and payed for in full. In order for us to meet the deadlines that we have agreed to with you, we need you make sure the turn in deadline is adhered to. If you have late or additional orders that make it in after the deadline, it is normally not a problem, just let us know.
Once you have compiled your totals for each item and forward them to us along with payment for the fundraiser, we will begin work on your order. We are a small business and up front payment on fundraisers is our preferred method of payment. If up front payment is a problem for your group, than please discuss this with us before the fundraiser sales begin. Remember, you also receive your money up front when collecting as you sell. Depending on the quantity you have sold, we will complete your order in 7 to 10 days. Larger fundraisers may take a little longer. Remember, we don’t make any popcorn ahead of time. We want your popcorn to be as fresh as possible!
If you would like for us to ship you samples/examples of these products and containers, send us your shipping address and we will have them shipped out or if your in the area you can pick them up at the shop.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.